Flower that epitomizes the life journey.
The leaves and famous Petronas Twin Towers
Me with my gear at one of the redbrick signage in Amsterdam.
That gorgeous Cordoba, the Mezquita. Heritage building that symboli...
The most famous Plaza de Toros, where bulls and matadors fight for ...
Self mirror at the subway of Marienplatz station in Munich.
Tourist versus tourist at the tip of Eiffel Tower.
In the middle of Prague Wenceslas Square. Daylight and colors.
Sitting by the lake of Lucerne and Mount Alps in Switzerland.
That lonely tree by the window panel.
Without faces 2, grow old gracefully.
Without face monologue, and support sustainability. Do recycle.
Grow where you are planted. The branches of tea trees in different ...
Grow where you are planted. This is old leaves from tea tree.
The Apsara dancers are taking their timeout. It is performed in one...
Wet market at Bandung Indonesia.
Two friends watching the world go by. This friendship has never end.
Wearing that 5 inch heels. Beauty is pain.
Whilst I walked through this nestled shop, I saw this girl watering...
A girl at the rooftop, reading a good book and drinking coffee unde...

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