Star trails over Arch Rock in Joshua Tree National Park, California.
Evening Glow at Bad Water, Death Valley National Park.
Soft coral and hard reef in current spent waters in the Blythe Sea.
Anemone in kelp forest, with sunball peaking on through.
A few moments of time (2 minutes) at Lake Tahoe, Nevada.
New Years eve sunset at the Race track, Death valley National Park
Sunset at Tunnel View, Yosemite National Park, California
Twilight at Sasulito overlooking downtown San Fransisco.
Reflection of the Ferris wheel at Santa Monica pier
Bait fish flow in and out of the canopy habitat in a southern Calif...
Moon jelly floating through the kelp forest.
Two giraffes basking in the morning light in Southern Kruger Park, ...
Night vision of San Fransisco, California
Clown fish peaking out of an anemone at Alacrity Reef, Fiji.

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