Saw this little kid enjoying simplicities of the beach.
Taking a quick snap of the policemen as they discuss.
On our way to Le Lourve Museum.
Listening to a man play classic Latin American songs on his guitar.
In awe of the F&F Tower locally known as "El Tornillo" in Panama Ci...
Panoramic photo of Playa Bonita, Panam
Going through different parts of the Casco Viejo neighborhood.
Walking through Casco Viejo also known as Casco Antiguo, Panama. Th...
Photo-walk throughout the city of Panama. The city skyline.
Capturing the Sun perch over the Notre-Dame Cathedral.
Admiring the Eiffel Tower from down below.
Climbing Is Prohibited | Prohibido Subir.
Walking around the Arc De Triomphe during sunset.
Picked up a leaf at a museum and took a photo of it.
Capturing a solitary flower outside of the family house.
Observing the horses during a spring break vacation in March.

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