relaxing in hammock outside Thai guesthouse
swarm of motorbikes in downtown Saigon
Banana vendor on street in Hoi An Vietnam
Our delighted guide down a Vietnamese river
Tuol Sleng, Pol Pot's prison in Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge reign
bowls inside Buddhist wat
deserted beach off the coast of Thailand
Vietnamese deckhand on leave in Hoi An.
a young athlete falls during a muay thai boxing match
Michael proud of his full beard
tranquil water, soaring karsts in Halong Bay, Vietnam
Proof of barefoot culture. Dirty feet aboard a Vietnamese boat in H...
Women shop for flowers in an outdoor Vietnamese market
waiting time in the Kuala Lumpur airport
monkeys, protective parents
Michael absorbing coastal landscape on Vietnamese train
monkey in a Cambodian hilltop Buddhist wat
Michael cooling off in guesthouse pool after a long day of mountain...
rice paddies in mountainous northern Vietnam

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