young students practice song with hand motions
young students line up to wait for the bus after school
a cross breeze turns the pages of a Bible during morning worship
worship at a colorful temple in Mumbai
the colorful, yet worn side of a passing barge
A walk along the water at sunset
A young girl shields her eyes from the sun with decorated hand
A villager rests against a vibrant backdrop
A young girl with a strong message
brave hiker in tree enjoys a stunning vantage point
Young boy looking wise in costume glasses
A child in India peeks through her hands as she proudly shows her h...
A unique view at the Georgia Aquarium
A bright green branch reaching out in front of a vibrant pink wall
A monkey in the trees of Elephanta Island
Lightning explodes across the sky during a storm in Utah
My brother at the lake practicing his swing at sunset
Classic car owners enjoy the sights and sounds of a Mustang Rally i...

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