Homes in the Old Town Area of Tineghir Morocco
Berber Home in the Sahara Desert, Morocco
Union Jack at the Port Lockroy Museum, Antarctica
Camel caravan in the Sahara Desert, Morocco
Calm seas in the dreaded Drake Passage on our way to Antarctica
Koi Pond at the Panda Sanctuary, Chengdu China
Local villagers at a sheep and cattle market in Morocco
Window Trail, Badlands National Park, South Dakota
Fur seal taking a nap in the Antarctic
Berber home on laundry day in the Sahara desert of Morocco
Cormorants at the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa
Elephant crossing a river in front of a dugout canoe
Piranha From The Pucate River, Peru
Troop of baboons looking for a hand-out in South Africa
Shops in the Old Jewish Section of Fes Morocco
Elephant crossing a river in front of our dugout canoe
Resting in a Shady Spot at the Beach in Chorrillos Peru
Flowering Tree in the Rainforest of Peru
Elephants crossing in front of our Jeep
Office Building in Hong Hong, China
Chinese Market, Fengdu China
The Beer Barge, Iquitos Peru
Beach, West Coast of New Zealand
Cruise ship in the Antarctic
Almirante Brown Antarctic research station
Getting the Best Shot, Death Valley in the Spring
Ed in the Atrium of the Three Gorges Museum, Chongquing, China
Ed Catching Up on the News on a Train in China
Flying a Kite over the Amazon River, Peru
Getting the Best Shot at the Clark County Museum, NV

Karen Schonsett's Photos on the Map

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