Idol of Lord Jagannath is being carried out from the temple for Rat...
buddhist monks praying in kagyad festival
worshiping on the day of Chhat, a festival of India.
Ghat at Benaras from the Ganges
A man watching a ghat at Benaras
Watching ghats from boat at Benaras
Worshiping the Ganges in the evening at Benaras
camel sellers at pushkar camel festival watching the camels grazing
Camels are returning after grazing with their owner.
worshiping at Benaras in the evening
Maiden is being worshiped as a part of "Durgapuja"
Men and women are working at a brickfield.
bhima kali temple in himachal pradesh
Devotees are praying on the occasion of Chat festival.
Kash are grown on the wetland or by the side of rivers in the autum...
tourist couple enjoying sunset in a beach
Make up of maiden before "Kumari Puja", a part of worshiping Goddes...
Devotee is praying on the occasion of "Bhel Bhel".
buddhist monks performing mask dance
Idol of Lord Jagannath is being carried to the chariot.

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