Le Chateau Frontenac Quebec City at night
Spring After the Rain in Vancouver Canada
Erin Rose playing her ukulele in the stairwell
Self Portrait of myself on the beach in the lighting of the sunset
The most beautiful bug I have ever seen
My home on Leleuvia Island in Fiji for 3 months...paradise
The Neddick Lighthouse in Maine, one of my favorite places on earth
The coral reefs in the fiji oceans that have yet to be fully explor...
Alex the wolf at the hybrid wolf rescue center in Alexandria New Ha...
Bear, the hybrid wolf who sings many songs for all to hear on top o...
Rose Bud The Hybrid Wolf at the hybrid wolf rescue center in New Ha...
Women at work in Moturiki Village on Moturiki Island in Fiji
Boys will be boys no matter what part of the world they are from
Little Anton being submerged in the Fijian culture and the little F...
Fijian school children performing cultural/traditional dances
Little Anton from Denmark meeting Fijian Girls

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