Reindeer looking at the sunset in the city of Hammerfest, Norway.
Global view of the city of lesund, the most beautiful city of Norway.
Side door of Heddal stave church in Norway
Drying fish over the mountains in i Lofoten, Norway
Drying fish on wooden poles in Hamny, Lofoten, Norway.
Drying fish during a snowy day in Nusfjord, Lofoten, Norway
Northern lights on Kvalya island in Troms, Norway
Powerful sunset over Jkulsrln glacial lagoon, Iceland.
Powerful sunset over a dying iceberg on the black sand beach by Jku...
Moonrise over Hverfjall crater in Iceland
Smoking ground of Leirhnjkur, Iceland, during the sunset.
Rainbow created at the base of Seljalandsfoss waterfall in Iceland ...
Dancing icebergs over a mountain lake in Sogn og Fjordane, Norway.
Rushing wave over a dying iceberg on the black sand beach by Jkulsr...
Smoking hot spring of Hverir, Iceland
Powerful sunset over the smoking ground of Leirhnjkur, Iceland.
Golden sunset lights over Hveravellir, Iceland.
Sunset over the surroundings of Blue Lagoon, Iceland

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