A Rodeo Clown secures the safety of a little mutton buster
Mesquite beans get a welcome drink of water
The Recycling of Nature as insects transfer pollen
Camouflaged horned toad in his native environment
Dad pushes his daughter in a tire swing
little boy enjoys child's playground
young cowboy makin' a hand at roping practice
a young cowboy teaching the next generation up about cattle branding
quiet moments after the cattle branding is finished
Holding Down a Calf for Branding
Preparing an uncooperative calf for spring branding
young filly just thinking quietly as she stands in brush
burrowing owl in staring contest with the camera
Cowboys swapping stories while the horse takes a short siesta
A little girl's first walk/trot ribbon
Headin' and heelin' practice on a Texas horse/cattle ranch
Weathered street art depicting Mexican life in a small village
An old wheel with branding irons and a windmill in the background
Busy bee covers two new cactus blossoms
A well-known New Mexico rancher shows a rare humorous side as he vi...
cactus on the verge of blooming in spring and nestled in desert tex...
Charred Yucca plants frozen in time after the grassfires
A young girl diving into a cool pool on a scorching hot Texas after...
Young-at-Heart Rancher enjoys a cattle branding
Salute to the American flag at the Albuquerque, New Mexico Balloon ...
A mural on an adobe building in Las Cruces, New Mexico
Albuquerque, New Mexico, Balloon Fiesta on a partly cloudy morning
Newborn filly taking her first drink from a water tank
a bird oversees her nest built in an old, worn cattle chute on a ca...
The old bells at a small church in San Patricio
A homeless man with his dogs and some thrown out food
young cowboy, lost in his thoughts, is watched by some of the cattl...
Duck swimming on a lazy afternoon with a feather on her beak
Young "cowboy" making a hand herding calves through the shoot
Double Reflection in My Rearview Mirror
a deer family enjoying their grazing while they seem naturally camo...
Dog helping make a plan on a hot afternoon
dog trying to help make a plan on a hot summer day
Branding day means same hard work for everybody
A stunning example of a West Texas collared lizard
Sharing a flower still leaves plenty for both
Old good luck horse shoes adorn an old, wrapped water faucet
neighbors helping each other with their cattle branding

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