A Japanese monkey sits in a cherry blossom tree.
Monks look at a photo of themselves at the Temple of Heaven.
A young girl sits next to a homeless man outside the Forbidden City.
A police car observes Tienanmen Square.
Japanese schoolgirls on a field trip to Miajima.
North and South Korean soldiers stand face to face at the Demilitar...
A small shrine sits inside the stump of a 2000 year old ceder tree.
North and South Koreans face off inside the demilitarized zone.
School girls running in front of a temple "tori" in Miajima
A temple in Arashiyama known for its thousands of small stone sculp...
A fashionable lady rests from the sun's heat in the forbidden city.
A young girl sits next to a homeless man outside the Forbidden city.
A young couple sits in a Los Angeles cafe.
A young Japanese bride on her wedding day
Young monks look at a photo of themselves.
The mountains peek out of the clouds in Soraksan National Park, Korea.
Thousands of migrating swifts spiral down into a disused chimney to...
An old woman walks through the autum colors in Japan.
A golden leaf hangs traped by a strand of spider's web.
An old pioneer cabin still stands preserved in the dry air of Hell'...
Hell's Canyon still holds ancient ruts made by the wheels of pionee...
A mess of crawdads straight from the Washugle river and ready for t...

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