A basket weaver shows off his skill.
One of the giants of California stands tall.
Best cousins bring the supper to the table.
Near dark in Anilao, Philippines.
A larval Sailfin Sculpin gets ready to settle in the cold dark wate...
On a trip to Boothbay Harbor, Maine a Herring Gull becomes an unwan...
One of the many strange little creatures underwater in the Philippi...
A tiny Pygmy Seahorse blends in with its surroundings.
An Oceanic Whitetip Shark comes in for a closer look.
A one inch Smoothhead Glass Blenny rest against a Christmas Tree Worm.
Three Friends begin there summer in Anilao, Philippines
A young girl contemplates the majestic Pacific.
Three friends enjoy the first day of summer.
A little Philippino girl explores her world.
On the windward side of Bonaire donkeys, abandon by the Spaniards c...
A large Marbled Orbweaver Spider is highlighted by a street lamp.
While looking for petroglyphs I happened upon this young red-tailed...

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