A balloon rising over an overexposed Chicago. This picture really e...
There's something very rock-n-roll about a police line and a tour bus.
The reflection of the Ground Zero site in the exterior of the Hilto...
The Duomo in Florence, Italy.
Cyclists zoom by in the Twilight Criterium in Athens, Ga.
A vibrant flower in St. Augustine, Florida.
The Rialto Bridge on a cool spring night.
Vibrant purple flowers along the Cinque Terre in Italy.
The campanile framed by a Venetian back alley.
A Saturday morning cup of coffee in the village.
On the road to the Roman Forum
Travelers taking an early morning gondola ride in Venice, Italy.
Several blue gondolas resting in the morning sunlight outside St. P...
This was my first trip to New York City and I was lost in SoHo. The...

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