South koreans mariners visiting the Peace Observatory
Man walking alone in downtown
A door of a temple with a buddha statue inside
A church viewed from a forest of leaves
Sunrise in a bay surrounded by rock mountains
Visiting Anakena Moai at night.
A couple is talking in the middle of a tea plantation.
Visiting the Tongariki Moais at night.
Approaching Cape Renard by boat.
View from inside a cave with birds flying
Small manifestation against the exaggereted expenses for the next f...
Climbing Moun Jabet with my best friends.
Brazilian teenagers kissing each other after school time.
Enjoying the sunset inside a lava cave.
Temple viewed through a fisheye lens
A leopard seal just after eating the Chinstrap penguim mate.
Landscape with garbage, sea and mountain
Dawning of a spring day at Guanabara Bay.
Singles "fighting" for the bouquet in a wedding party.
Coconut trees and mountain rock behind
Ladies participating in the Festival os Lights, that celebrate Budd...
Selling more than fruits and vegetables.
Running down Mount Shatrunjaya.
The midnight sun shining the mountains.
Man washing the floor with "old" cars behind him.
Airplane flying from Paris to Venice, with the moon in the back.
Indian mother and daughter visiting the ocean.
Visitin a christian church designed by the brazilian architec Oscar...
Reflecting the modern architecture of the Republic Museum.
Climbing Seonginbong, the highest peak on the island (984 m).
New buildings around the capital
Indian woman laughing to life.
Visiting Yaksuam temple. The temple was closed. I tried to make a p...
Tourists visiting the Three Powers Square.

Joao Paulo Barbosa's Photos on the Map

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