A girl climbs up a sandy mountain on Deception Island in Antarctica.
Gentoo penguin looking at its reflection
The streets of Paris as seen from the Eiffel Tower
People shopping at a local fruit stand in Mexico
A boy sits on a large rock and looks into the ocean
A girl watches a newly hatched Olive Ridley sea turtle make it's wa...
Gentoo penguin sitting on a nest with an egg in Antarctica
A young male elephant seal covers his eyes on a rocky island in Ant...
Humpback whale tail in the Antarctic Waters
Statue of a horse outside of the Sacre Coeur in Paris
Sign posted at Vernadsky Research Station in Antarctica
People looking through the glass of the large clock of the Muss D'O...
A snow-covered mountain and it's reflection taken from a boat in An...
Following a penguin in Antarctica
Adelie penguin walking down a hill in Antarctica
Tall glacial mountain in Antarctica with boat at the foot for size ...
Camping on Antarctic snow without a tent

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