A destroyed home from Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Fisherman in Ko Samui, Thailand.
Rooftop lounging in Udaipur, India.
Sunrise entering into Ho Chi Minh City by ship.
The shikara is a type of wooden boat used for fishing, harvesting a...
The monsoon season is coming to an end, and the heat is substantial...
Glue sniffing is a relatively new phenomenon among street children ...
Kashmiri sisters make their way from Srinagar to Jammu for the Wint...
Father and son catch up on the streets of Istanbul, Turkey.
Newborns getting some sun at a baby orphanage in Kathmandu, Nepal.
A man living at an elderly ashram.
Maoist strike in Kathmandu, Nepal.
A baby sleeps on top of a tomb at Makati Catholic Cemetery.
A yak hangs out in the river.
Friendship Highway, Tibetan Plateau.
Everest Base Camp from the Tibetan side.
View at Yamdrok Tso (Turquoise Lake), Tibet.

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