A collegiate gymnast competes on the balance beam
A snow-covered path during a late-winter Alabama snow
A snow-covered pasture during a rare late-winter Alabama snow
A winter sunset over the Gulf of Mexico in Gulf Shores, AL
A winter sunset over the Gulf of Mexico in Gulf Shores, AL
A boy rides a bicycle by the shore of Lake Michigan in Chicago, IL
Bicycles reflect off the sunglasses of a man near Lake Michigan in ...
An art sculpture outside a museum in Chicago, IL
The buildings of downtown Chicago, including the Sears Tower, surro...
Denny Chimes on the University of Alabama campus, in snow
Two Chinese boys walk together under an umbrella to avoid the rain ...
A young Chinese boy attending preschool in Beijing
An American rock band plays the Mao Livehouse in Beijing
An elderly Chinese man rests on the side of the Great Wall of China
The apprehensiveness of a Chinese preschooler
A young Chinese girl "takes a picture" of an American photographer
A welder installs a baseball scoreboard in Tuscaloosa, Ala.
The springtime countryside of Tuscany, Italy
A biblical statue overlooking the hills of Portofino, Italy
An Italian man smoking a cigarello and reading a book in Florence, ...
A cat peering out the window of a chocolate shop in Turin, Italy
A granite statue in San Juan, Puerto Rico of a man on a horse

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