Using a safe controlled burn to clear land in winter.
An altered taxi and a fine restaurant in Chicago.
Early morning light, in the Zilker Botanical gardens, revealing a h...
Unripened green currants growing in an Illinois garden.
The glory of a purple bearded iris in spring.
New Years Eve on Austin SoCo (South Congress) fashionable shopping ...
The dark top of a carousel at a County Fair.
Magical County Fair carousel lighting, gold on a dark autumn night.
A woodland scene recreated with contrasting tint and texture.
Looking through a wet frozen winter window at a tree.
A close up of a Chicago Illinois skyscraper in winter.
Point of light in Brookdale Conservation Site
A sepia abstract mosaic of the Quadracci Pavilion.
Sunset in Becks Woods Conservation Site
A controlled country burn in a winter woodland.
A winter night in Chicago as a limo drives by a department store.

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