A beautiful view from our hotel in Cancun
Different types of money that I collected in my travels throughout ...
A beautiful scene in Insla Mujeres Mexico
A statue and flag in the background at Gettysburg National Park
A flag that was flying in Gettysburg, PA
A frog hanging out in Pennsylvania
A flower from the mountains of Pennsylvania
A picture of a set of fraternal twins. Even though they are twins ...
A picture of a humming bird at Caledonia State Park in Pennsylvania
A flower from a bouquet that my son bought me. Taken on a black ba...
A local fire department was doing a controlled burn for a resident....
Taken with a black background and then altered
A picture of the shoreline in the Dominican Republic
Taken in the Dominican Republic.
Taken at Caledonia State Park in Pennsylvania
Taken at Eastern State Pen. in Philadelphia, PA
My son during an evening swim in Pennsylvania
Taken at Pine Grove Furnace, Pennsylvania during the GeoBash celebr...
Taken in the mountains of Pennsylvania
A little girl getting ready for Halloween
My son after a devestating call with the fire company
The New Jersey skyline. Taken while on our way for a trip to New York
Picture taken while on a trip to Cancun, Mexico
A firefighter in pain after a devestating call.
One of the many wonderful reptiles at Clyde Peelings Reptileland
Going back in time at Harpers Ferry National Park
A statue with American Flag in the background. Taken in Gettysburg...
An altered photograph to look like a water drop on fire.
Brennan's first time playing in the leaves during a fall outing in ...
My nephew playing in the leaves for the first time.
A picture taken across the civil war battlefield during a trip to G...
Gettysburg National Cemetary. Statue with American Flag in the bac...
At the Washington Monument in Washington DC
Taken while on a trip to Isla Mujeres Mexico

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