The Coors Brewery displaying each kind of beer brewed by them
Sipping coffee at Seattle's historic Pike Place Market
The sun sets over a small dyke in the Netherlands
A sailboat leaves the small marina of Sitka, Alaska.
Birds taking advantage of the brisk morning air.
Waves crahs against the Kona shoreline
Lobster traps rest against the shore of Nova Scotia's beautiful Peg...
Mt. Ranier peaks through the clouds on a beautiful spring day.
The Confederation Bridge extends 8 miles to connect Prince Edward I...
A quiet morning in Glacier Bay National Park
Sun breaks through the forrest reflect off small lake
The Deschutes river carves its path after the winter snow melts.
Beautiful formations of red rock call the beaches of Iles de la Mad...
A morning drop of dew rests on a leaf
Exploring the botanical garden of Akureyri, Iceland.
Exploring old dutch architecture
Kids watch as cruise ship passangers flood their small village.
Protestors go head to head on Royal Mile.
A brisk winter morning draws out Seattle bikers.
A summer day in Seattle unveils beautiful cityscape.
A colorful fall sunset over Puget Sound, Washington.

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