Two young Monks crossing a bridge in Chang Mai, Thailand.
People walking on the stairs at a MAC Store.
Moon setting over a camp site.
A full rotation of the stars in the sky.
Rush hour in the subways in New York.
30 sec. exposure in Badwater, Death Valley
An old decayed houes's in a small town in Oregon
The once forgotten decay. A ghost town in Nevada
Laos vendors line the bus station selling Bhan mi.
A women sells magazine at a local train station, Thailand.
The hands of the ticket seller lay waiting to give the next ticket,...
Reaching into the void and finding the nuances of life Long exposure
Just one moment of Love at the Tulip festival.
The beautiful trees in Tillamook, Oregon.
An older lady from one of Thailands hill tribes, weaving.
A long neck girl from the Hill tribes in Thailand.
In the wake Dawn approaches In solitude We dream Of our so...

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