Ocean Sunfish on the Side Outside Bar Harbor, Maine
Maine Sunrise from Cadillac Mountain
Seal and Sea Gulls on Rock Bar off Bar Harbor, Maine
Cormorant Floating in Bar Harbor, Maine
Climate Change March 2017 in Washington, DC.
Ocean Sunfish Beneath Waters during Whale Watch
Ring Around the Rising Sun from Cadillac Mountain
Silhouettes of Tourists on Cadillac Mountain, Maine
Climate Change Protestors Outside White House
Climate Change Protest Outside the White House
White-Sided Dolphins Off Bar Harbor, Maine
Side View of Greybeard Mountain from Glass Mine Falls Overlook
The Water Reservoir Near Asheville, North Carolina
Grass Against Falls - Reeds Against Niagara Falls
The Mushroom Trio - Nature's Samples from the Cat's Gap Creek Trails
Water at the Edge of Green - Gardens of the Richmond Hill Inn of As...
Stroll Through Spring - Richmond Hill Inn Patio in April 2007
Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly Pollinates Rhododendron
Summer View of Blue Ridge Parkway from Craggy Gardens Trail

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