Sunrise on our final day on the island.
From the dock after arriving at the Perhentian Islands, Malaysia.
Cooking in makeshift kitchen over an open flame.
Climbing LaoShan with my girlfriend.
A Buddhist statue at the bottom of LaoShan.
At a natural spring in ShanDong Province, China.
The end of a river cruise in Sabah, Malaysia where we were trying t...
A pair of newlyweds celebrating their wedding day.
River boat cruise looking for wild binobo apes.
My girlfriend in front of people searching for sea life along the r...
Playing with my step-niece for the first time.
Relaxing outside before a meal.
A small farming village in Eastern China
A family lunch in a small village in China.
Sunset on a rocky beach with my girlfriend.

Jaysen Lee-St. John's Photos on the Map

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