Rainy Season Morning Dew in Central Japan
Hiking in the Southern Japanese Alps on a Bluebird Day
Open-shutter Dancing in a Japanese Garden
Climbing Tantalus Solo with Macro filter. D90
Homemade Christmas and New Year's postcard from Hawaii
Taken in northern Nagano. I walked through a sewer tube (empty) to ...
Purple Dew at Pore Pore Community Garden
My newlywed May bride posing in June next to the Pore Pore poppies
The Okinawan Festival in Waikiki - Okinawan Traditional Wear
Admiring the Nagano Cedar Forest Shrine
Jumping for joy during Sakura Season
Lucky Lady Bug climbing the flowering tree
Third most popular Cherry Blossoms in Japan
Big Tree in old Samurai Town
Friendly stroll in B&W through Pore Pore Garden
Posing by the purple flowers in Pore Pore Flower Park
Pretty Pink Trailing Flower in Kyoto
Hawai'ian Flower on the grass before a hike
Zenkoji Temple Night Lights--The Power of Zen
Panorama with my wife and friend in the FG and Waikiki in the BG. ...

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