Amish farmer plows his fields the old fashioned way
Woman tourists in varying degrees of religious dress
Blacksmith plies his trade in Oatman, Arizona
An Amish buggy in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Colorful and unique signs along Fremont Street in Las Vegas
A Mexican donkey at the Nogales border crossing
Death Valley sand dunes at Mesquite Flats in Death Valley National ...
Sunset sandscape at Mesquite Flats in Death Valley National Park
San Xavier Del Bac Mission south of Tucson, called "The Sistine Cha...
Classic car V-6 engine, a reminder of American motive power.
A rare black and gray wolf from the Nez Perce pack traverses snowy ...
Colorful Wooden Cigar Store Indians in Jackson, Wyoming
Morning light along the Firehole River in Yellowstone's geyser basin.
A rainbow hugs the contours of the Yellowstone Gorge.
Sands sparkle in the golden glow of sunset on Death Valley dunes.
A young grizzly glows in the morning sun and displays why they are ...
Majestic bull elk poses in the mist of a Yellowstone thermal area.
A large grizzly foraging in the white bark pines on Dunraven Pass.
Bison pose in geyser mist in Yellowstone Park.
Early morning mist engulfs the Washington Monument.

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