A man selling soup dumplings at a night market in Kaifeng, Henan, C...
The Oriental Peal in Shanghai. Taken from the bund with a telephoto...
A man reads at Promontory Point in Chicago, IL on a spring day.
A man selling duck meat at a night market in Kaifeng, Henan, China.
Tourists avoiding the rain at M50, the Shanghai art district.
A man smokes a pipe as a friend gets a haircut. The pipes are uniqu...
The hair is blow-torched off a cow as part of the preparation process.
A Chinese Yi minority woman in festival dress.
Children set off sparklers during Chinese New Years.
A quiet section of The Great Wall.
A man on the side of the road being shaved.
The entrance to an underground market in Beijing.
An old Dong ethnic minority man sits in front of his house.
As the sun set, the light reflected off the water-filled rice paddi...

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