A woman making traditional bread
Shadows across a square in Stockholm at the end of a long summer day
A chimp pauses to look at us before heading off into the woods
A male chimp takes a break from eating to check out the tourists
A young Mountain Gorilla snacks on a stalk
A mother polar bear and cub explore the melting pack ice at the end...
A Golden Monkey in the bamboo forest in Volcano's National Park Rwanda
A closeup of a Mountain Gorilla's hand in Uganda
An Elephant playing in the water near King Albert Lake in Uganda
A Caiman sitting motionless in the small lake behind a lodge in the...
Part of a wall from an Ossuary in Evora
Man on a hill taking a break from hiking
Sunrise at the Montreal Harbor
A field in the Pantanal the sun has just set and there is a little ...
La Sagrada Familia interior
In Uganda villagers often work in two man teams to saw lumber for b...
4th of July friends baby who'd had enough pictures taken of her
This was taken on a rainy day with a friend
This was taken at Saint Joseph's Oratory in Montreal there is a lar...
This girl was on a float at a 4th of July parade and did not seem t...
This was taken in Barcelona it was late in the day and a group of p...
Barcelona Cathedral with Infrared Camera
Stairway in a Cathedral in Budapest
Man fishing off the pier in Havana
Old Man at a former sugar plantation
Leopard stares down a red breasted shrike
Waves splash over the breakwater in Havana
Markers used by the Korea nobility to show the rank of people waiti...
Cell Phone in the Amazon
Girl working on a square rigging ship

James Kobacker's Photos on the Map

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