Burka mother pushing stroller, Amman Jordan
Voodoo Shaman, Taneka, Benin, Africa
Mursi woman with child wearing a lip labret
A porpoising California sea Lion
Mother common dolphin and her newborn calf
A mother in full Burka is crossing the street in Amman Jordan pushi...
A Tuareg nomad, one of the Blue Men, talks on his satellite phone w...
A pod of seven common dolphin surfs a boat wake
A pod of five common dolphin surfing a boat wake
A Peruvian Egret in flight over the Amazon River
A view of Anasazi Cliff House from the mesa trail, Mesa Verde, Colo...
A Mongolian hunting eagle being trained in Kanas, china
A spyhopping gray whale opens its mouth to show its baleen and appe...
A curious gray whale approaching my boat to get a close look at me.
A Palaung hill Tribe Lady, tending her cooking fire, Myanmar
A camel caravan, hauling salt
A Tuareg nomoad unloads salt from a camel caravan.
Mural and monument to the Eagles song, "Standin on the corner in Wi...
A Lone Navajo rider on a mesa in Monument Valley, Arizona.
An angry Hippo bluffs a charge against my boat.
A Gray Whale appears to be laughing.
A Humpback Whale going for a deep dive.
An eagle hunting for rabbits, Kanas, China.
A mother Cheetah grooming her cub.
A gathering of Maasai ladies at their village in rural Kenya, Africa.
Dozens of Hamer people on their way to a "Bull Jumping" ceremony in...
A mother of the Hamer Tribe with her baby, Ethiopia.
Tuareg nomads having tea in an abandoned Foreign Legion Outpost, Mali.
Maasai children by the roadside in northern Tanzania.
A Tuareg Pathfinder leading a camel caravan in the Sahara Desert.
A female Shaman of the Hamer people in the Omo Valley of southern E...
Buddhist monk photographing with his I-Ppad at a Burmese monastery
Gray whale appears to be laughing as it circles my boat
Gray whale swimming directly underneath my boat to look at me.
Baby gray whale sandwiched between two adult females
Theravada Monk, Shwedagon Pagoda, Myanmar
Truckful of Maasai, Tanzania
Curious baby gray whale coming to my boat in a Mexican lagoon.

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