this is a hand of a gorilla holding a bamboo
Silverback gorilla in the mountains of the Parc National des Volcans.
ladies with their best clothes on shopping on a market day
heat of the fight among two zebras
red bridge over ho hoan kiem lake
two brothers in the morning sun, after having had a good meal at su...
sun rise over Angkor Wat temple
two cheetahs on their kill and wandering about the fuss they create...
local woman walking early in the morning in Hoi An, Vietnam
this is charming little spot just few steps away from the busy M st...
women praying behing the screen in Blue Mosque, Istanbul.
this is the autumn trees in Washington D.C. 2012. It was a perfect...
My daughter and her friend putting on their game face.
Team work during balloon festival , houston , tx
Glaciers in Aoraki Mount Cook National Park
Street Cafe in Hoi An, Vietnam
traffic chaos that works somehow in Hanoi
Looking at Blue Mosque from the Aya Sofia in Istanbul
Boys playing with water in the early morning sunshine.
Hanoi Train station in a misty night
Giant heart formed by trees in New Zealand
3 boys looking out of the window in a elementary school in kenya
American Indian is taking a moment to pray before Pow Wow starts.
Mating lion couple in high tension situation after eating
wilderbeast on the move during migration in Masai Mara
Leopard cub checking me out in Masai Mara
three zebras joined together with their black and white stripes
Evening walk in Santorini, Greece
Greek Orthodox monasteries in Meteora, Greece.
Mom and baby white rhinos early in the morning
This is a memorial to the slave market in Zanzibar. The trade of me...
Sometimes this is all people can afford
Dog shaking off water in our local park , Houston TX
this is a very early morning on a beach in South Africa.
man preparing his boat for a fishing trip

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