Chameleon poses for the camera at the national zoo in Washington DC
Just another day in NYC as a couple of drag queens are happy to spr...
Finishing the Marathon from Marathon, Greece
stray dog in Greece waiting for food outside a Taverna
Young traveler panhandeling for money for him and his companion
Protestor detained after getting violent at a Greek Riot
Monasteries of Meliora on top of natural mountain ridges
box of molded pins in a thrift store, williamsburg, Brooklyn NYC
overlooking the horizon of Crete from a hotel rooftop
Fishermen selling deep-sea sponges in Chania, Greece
young cattle herder stairs as a bus of tourists pass by gawking unf...
skateboarder mid-jump in Athens Greece
Jesse playing around with bottle caps
New Yorkers on the subway heading to coney island to celebrate the ...
Rioter detained after smashing a bus window with a rock in Athens G...
One of the numerous stray dogs seen wandering the ruins of Phaistos
stray kitten hiding to the side of a busy sidewalk
woman of Peru shows off her Falcon just beyond the Colca Canyon, Peru
young child bathing in ocean in Peru
Face of the Jersey shore--Post-Hurricane Sandy reconstruction, Pre-...
Mountain top monasteries of Meliora
young child washing on the shore; Peru
fisherman boats tied up near sunset in the harbor of Lomas, Peru
Remains of a squatter hole in the ruins of a dilapidated prison c. ...
Beza trying to attract the attention of a cat
special fruit used for make up in peru; shown by tour guide on the ...
Simple toy store display In Greece makes me smile as protests in At...
two children looking out at the beautiful Italian countryside
Phone camera picture--Cicada emerging from its shell with dew drop,...
violinist earning his money in Florence
rain drops on a flower after one of the first downpours of Greece
Photographing a friend as he flys above in on his board.
A fresh flower is placed on the name at the memorial of the victims...
Emily contemplating her thoughts while at an archaeology site
Leaning Tower of Pisa, smaller than I thought
Old tin toys of a store front window in Chania, Crete, Greece
Show pomegranates in the Produce Bazaar of Athens
View outside my window heading to Greece
Mans best friend, what American could dislike the companionship of ...
cicada emerging from shell after underground struggle
stray kittens playing with each other
couple of kids jumping off a dock in the warm island waters

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