sunset at Bachok Beach Kelantan
Heritage at George Town Pinang Malaysia
I swimmed at bachok beach, kota bharu, kelantan
Toy Rubbish while swimming at Sabak beach, Kota bharu
wine bottle (rubbish) while swimming at sabak beach
I took this cementry in Toraja, Indonesia.
I took this Bali Ceremony in Kuta Beach
I took the child in flea market.
I took the buyers in FLea market. I took it from below with my wid...
I came to siti kadhijah market several times. I was lucky to see t...
Drop leaves. I took the drop leaves out side and I throw the leave...
I used filter cokin graduated filter and turned it to black and white
I took this street portrait in flea market
I took street picture near the beach. I saw school girls use hijab...
I took this street portrait in Flea Market in the late afternoon.
I took this family picture in flea market. I took with candid tech...
I try to take Islamic symbols in Kelantan, Malaysia. I just wonder...
I took the photo in Bali 2011, I was fascinated with their hindu ce...
Venezia, Italy is of my best travel site. I took this picture and ...
I took banana tree from below
I took two big trees in kota bharu when I ride my bike
I took kamboja tree from below in one of the garden in kota bharu
I took burning leaves in kota bharu
I hold the burning trees and I took with macro lens
I hold the burning leaves in kota bharu
I took burning leaves in Kota Bharu

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