a hyena trying to hunt flamingos in Lake Nakuru, Kenya
Vultures on a tree in Masai Mara reserve, Kenya
Peppers for sale in a market in Dar Es-Salam, Tanzania
A young Masai gilr in a Masai village in Kenya carrying a baby on h...
A young Masai girl in a Masai village in Kenya
Young children in a boat on the beach in Zanzibar
Bea(u)tification - A Polish woman putting on makeup near a John P...
Sally Lightfoot Crab in the Galapagos
Making Toffee in Banos, Ecuador (2/2)
Making Toffee in Banos, Ecuador (1/2)
A brown peilcan flying above the ocean
a shopkeeper in Szentendre, Hungary
Religous or Modern? - a muslim woman in East Jerusalem.
Mushrooms in Boqueria Market in Barcelona
Fans waiting for Lady Gaga's concert in Barcelona
African immigrant in south Tel Aviv
Posters of Budha and a famous Rabbi on a wall in south Tel Aviv whe...
a Cattle Egret in a field of Anemones near Megido, Israel
Two women in a street market in Huaraz, Peru
A woman seller in her market stand in Huaraz, Preu
Chicken shop in Huaraz, Peru
Real police officers "consult" with a Superman dress a like in Los ...
Blue Footed Boobies diving from the sky to catch some fish near the...
A Sea Lion rests on his back in the Galapagos Islnads.
Marie Iguana sneezing - In the mid of a "romantic moment" of two Ma...
South American symbols - a llama above Machu Picchu

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