People walking around the railway track
A tribal kid with her bread in Maharashtra
A camel decorated with bright color accessories
A fisher-women collecting the dried fishes
A guy walking through the mist with his colorful umbrella
A fisher-women collecting the dried fishes
A blonde lady accessorized with Indian makeup in front of the Taj
Mega clouds hovering over a dried tree
Camels staring at a hot air balloon
People celebrating the Ganpati Festiavl in Mumbai
A women feeding her child at a railway platform in Mumbai
People lost into their mobiles while commuting
People reading & praying while commuting in a local train
People travelling in a local train in Mumbai
A corn vendor worried of sudden clouds
Kids peeping out from their rusted house
People celebrating the festival of Dahi Handi in Mumbai
People travelling in a Metro train

Indra Jeet's Photos on the Map

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