Sunset at The Horseshoe Rice Terrace of Mu Cang Chai by Pour-water ...
Checking the labeling of barrels
Smoking H'mong Lady with a farmer's pipe
Stuffing the industrial plastic baskets
The "Watcher" for a vegetable stall by flooding street side
Sun-dried and Reuse the plastic tubs
The Mud ball wrestling festival in Van Village
Making the paper cake in My Long village
The Lion Dance kowtow in The Whale temper
Sea of clouds by 3-rope cable car system to the Fansipan
Retail sale of eggs - traditional market
Sun dried Coke 7up Pet bottles
Throwing the fish net in the floating water season
The terraced rice by harvest time
The raspberry pie in Mu Cang Chai
One man and his huge fishing net
Men were peeling coconut by the early morning sunbeam
The traditional flower market before The Vietnamese New year
The cloudy afternoon in Sa Pa, Vietnam while H'Mong (ethnic minorit...

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