Brightly clad Moroccan sells cups of water on the streets of Fes.
Moroccans opt for colorful shoes
Lady steps through doorway of a home in Morocco
Ranchers ride through heavy snow in search of their herd.
Airborne cowboy at the Navajo Nation roeo in Arizona
Storm clouds move up Yosemite Valley toward Inspiation Point
Tufas rising from the saline waters of Mono Lake,Calif
Navajo grandmother explains weaving techniques to grandaughter
Puddles from melting snow were formed at Muley Point overlooking Mo...
Leather is dipped into vats of dye in Morocco
Iceberg floating slowly toward the open sea
ice bergs floating toward open sea at sunset
Navajo plays his flute overlookig Canyon de Chelly, AZ
Streets of Morocco are filled with colorful shops.
Navajo silversmith at work in his hogon
Shadows form as camel caravan moves across the Sahara desert in Mor...
Donkey provides transportation for Moroccan lady
Caravan embarks on a trip on the Sahara Desert in Morocco
Sun dappled Church Rock rises impressively from the valley floor
Grappling sumo wrestlers
The red rock cliffs in the distance are at their best when they con...
Push'n the herd during a Wyoming winter
River flowing through Havasu Canyon AZ
Native American overlooking Canyon de Chelly AZ
Muley Point overlooking Monument Valley in Arizona.
Eary morning light at Mono Lake at the foot of the Sierra Nevada r...
View overlooking Canyon De Chelly in Arizona
An alpine lake high in the mountains of Yosemite National Park
Cowboys head for home in a snowstorm after a hard days work.
The Sahara desert dunes in Morocco
Vietnamese dress their children in their best finery for the holidays.
Silversmith working on a piece of jewelry, for which the Navajos ar...
Navajo raises sheep and weaves the wool into blankets.
Volcanic formation known as El Capitan in Monument Valley, Arizona
Navajos are world famous for their weaving skills
Navajo musician plays his flute on the edge of Canyon De Chelly, Ar...
Cowboys meet at sunrise to begin their daily chores.
In Vietnam at the floating market in Halong Bay a vendor offers her...
Cowboy waits at the pen for the cattle to be driven through the gate,
From atop the coral, only his boots show a cowboy waiting for the i...
Vietnamese childre look longingly at the street vendor at festival ...
Cowboys stop to water their horses after a hard days ride
A Vietnamese farmer plows a rice paddy using a water buffalo for tr...
A bronc rider didn't last the required eight seconds at the Navajo ...
Bodie's once booming gambling casinos are quiet now
George Washingto looks down on this vacated room in Bodie.
Bodie's last remaining miners must have used this 1935 calendar.
An old rocking chair is all that remains in a home in the ghost tow...
A old Model T saw better days during Bodie's boom years
A 1927 Dodge Graham waits for a fill up at Bodie's antiquated gas p...
Miners left behind a full stocked grocery store when the Bodie mine...
George Washington looks down on this vacant room in the ghost town ...
Cowboys sit before the fire after a hard day's work rounding up the...
A cowboy and his pack horse are silhouetted against the evening sky...
The town switchboard was last used in the 1930s when Bodie became a...
Bodie residents picked up their mail in the town post office
1927 Dodge parked in front of the Boone Store in Bodie, CA.
Butterfly prepares to land on yawning lion's nose

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