speeding along on top for the water hanging on for dear life
This boat, acting as a breakwater greets visitors traveling along t...
chinese Lantern festival. Ontario place. Toronto, Canada
couple walk in the rain. On the boardwalk in the toronto neighbourh...
young boy on a fence talking to horses
Toronto's Princess Gate at night
chickadees at their feeder. waiting for winter to end
Enjoying the fall colors on a bicycle ride
Bee collecting pollen from the flowers of chives
Back ramp to upper level Canadian National Exhibition Horse Palace.
shore monuments looking out to Humber Bay. with Toronto skyline in ...
Pony at the fence waiting to come into the barn
zebras at The African Lion Safari, a natural game park
Lunch time in an empty downtown Nashville bar
foggy morning with the sun breaking through Toronto skyline
first time crossing stormy Lake Ontario in 37 foot northern ketch
multiple exposures of a soya bean field in autumn
Trillium. The flower of the province of Ontario, Canada. Growing ...
golden rods bloom under power line corridor.
My daughter, Sarah and her horse Kelso.
War memorial in Canada's capital city
Royal Canadian Mounted Police car. Guarding the federal capital bui...
Insect in the shade of a hollyhock flower
Enjoying the fountain at the Royal Botanical Gardens
frog, keeping cool in the pond, waiting quietly for food to fly by.
Peony plant Royal Botanical Gardens
Jumper competition in the rain and mud

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