Hiking through Fort Tryon Park to the Cloisters Museum
Walking through Central Park in New York
Cutting the grass and enjoying the Autumn colors
Walking to the Cloisters in Fort Tryon Park
Observed while walking through Central Park
Observed at NYC's Apple Memorial for Steve Jobs
Observed while walking through Central Park
walking the cobblestone pathway to Cloisters Museum
Walking the cobblestone pathway to the Cloisters Museum.
Walking along the cobblestone path in Fort Tryon Park.
Visiting an exhibit building at a University in Montreal
Visiting Old Montreal artifacts
Visiting Howes' Cavern and observing the formations
illuminated Heart shaped stone at Howe's Cavern
A view of NYC from across the Hudson River
Visiting a museum in Quebec
Golfing in South Carolina and enjoying local animal life.
A unusual evergreen tree in the Berkshires,MA
A view from above in NYC on West 57th Street
Enjoying a moment in Central Park, NYC with a friend.
observed while visiting the science museum in montreal

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