Sign posted in cemetery of a small church
Street performer plays with fire
After the Katydid left my husband's shoulder, it landed on a plant....
A butterfly drinks nectar from a fallen fruit
Leader of the Catemaco Monkey Island Clan
Don Che and Dona Catalina in the entry of their home
A heron runs after a snack on the beach
Trick-or-treater dressed as a werewolf for Halloween and ready to f...
My 8-year-old son held a hummingbird that was temporarily stunned w...
Afternoon rain at the beach on the island of Las Animas
Grandmother and granddaughter share a laugh while swinging on a ham...
A basalt metate shows the color created by a weaver's pigment grinding
Impromptu JFK memorial in a field on a country road
A teen stops riding just long enough for a photo
Hammock seating in a beachside eatery
Hallway in the Oaxaca Cultural Museum, former cloisters
Guadalajara Cumple: A Government's Promise
View of the main street in Morelia from the balcony of the Hotel Mi...
Boats parked on the edge of the lake after a day of fishing
An egret is gentle disarray interrupted during preening

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