Tourists coming out of Zion's Gate in the Of Jerusalem
A window in a small wooden house in the midst od the woods, Koli, F...
Old fishermen's buildings in the village of Lebesby, north Norway
Red and white- a birch tree lying on a red carpet in the forest
Sunset on the beach of Tel Aviv
A reindeer in the area of Utsjoki, as seen from the road
Nubian Ibex caught through my lense on a trip
Snails sleeping over the hot summer- Dor Beach, Israel
In the Old City of Jerusalem
Going arctic- A beach in north Norway, close to Lakselv
Sternbergia clusiana blossoming in it's strong yellow color
Boots and a red wall of a storehouse in thr rural area of Finland

Hanna Martiskainen's Photos on the Map

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