Walking toward the light and leaving the shadow behind
Work distribution in the rice field: the women plant and the men ha...
Triathlon: swimming, cycling, and flying
Early morning picture session with people in the south of Madagascar
Lepilemur in the wild looking out of his nest box put by researcher
bread seller on the road to Tulear, Madagascar
self portrait through the glass of the window
Very colorful worker in the South of Madagascar happy for a group p...
After 4 years of transitional government, even the children are exc...
Portrait of my niece next to the paddy field
The older takes care of the young despite of the narrow age gap bet...
A young mother leaning on her shadow
Iris smiling and leaning on the wall
Sifaka (Propithecus verrreauxi)like to hang up side down when playi...
Ringtailed lemur eating Uncarina leaves
Orange butterfly resting on a green leaf
Female ringtailed lemur sunbathing and suckling her baby
twin ringtailed lemur on mom's back. Twin is very rare in this lemu...
zebu cart through the rainy window of a car
Early morning taxi-brouses to the weekly market in the south of Mad...
Evening in fisherman port Tulear Madagascar
Boy selling snack along at a train station in Madagascar
Spice sellers along the rail road in Madagascar
Girls popping out of the window of a first class train in Madagascar
National road crossing a national park in Madagascar

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