The American flag, Old Glory herself, continues to wave in the nigh...
Despite the rust and age, this classic truck still has some miles l...
Even night time cannot dim the colors of the American flag.
A classic Chevrolet Bel Air sits out in a lonely field.
A portrait of myself as I enjoy the rare cigar.
This image of Morty the cat has him at rest for the moment.
Walking out at night provided a shot of a craggy parking lot soaked...
A money plant sets in the path of the warm rays of the sun
The mighty Niagara Falls on a hot summer day
A colorful repetition collage of my cat Morty
The line of people make their way back up the steps along the Falls
A woman enjoys a ride on a swing at a nearby park
Stepping outside into my best friend's garden
A bee rests on this purple flower before continuing it's rounds
A tall tree blows in the heavy winds on my late night walk
Right after a summer rain in my best friend's backyard
A dock on the lake at Mayberry State Park in Autumn
White iris flowers discovered around the corner from my home
A man-made dock serves as a balcony to nature at a lake in Mayberry...
The winding road I once rode my bike on when I was a kid
There is nothing like a game of basketball with friends (or a frien...
A night at a historical movie theatre showing a classic film is war...

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