Dusty old volumes in the New York public library.
Saxophone player under a bridge in Central Park.
Musician walks blindly across sidewalk chalk art, left over from Ea...
A fast-paced moment in front of the Flatiron building, as viewed by...
A gazelle stands alone in the valley of the Ngorogoro Crater, while...
Hyena looks up at us, unhappy about his rude awakening.
A herd of zebras follows our jeep in Tanzania.
A cheetah proudly carries his kill to his family.
A pride of lions in Tanzania, when they think no one is watching.
Shy babies of the Amaharo gorilla family in Rwanda.
A member of the Amaharo gorilla family in Rwanda.
Cosmopolitans on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Gloria Huang's Photos on the Map

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