Native American chid feather dancing at a pow wow
"Father Dan" through the side rear view mirror in the St. Patrick'...
Iowa farmer working hard to harvest his corn crop
Playing kickball at a Labor Day family picnic
Colorful bead vendor on Fremont Street in Las Vegas
Flowering cactus on Arizona side of Hoover Dam
Yellow flowers on hillside by Hoover Dam
Photo of Duluth harbor lift bridge in the spring
Arizona side looking at Nevada side, Hoover Dam
We were in our car, following two-wheel and three-wheel motorcycles...
Ground Squirrel on the Arizona side of Hoover Dam
My son playing softball at the Saydel High School Annual Labor Day ...
Buffalo resting at Jester, Polk County Park
Photo taken at the annual St. Patrick's Day Parade in Des Moines, Iowa
Colorful dressed Salsa Dancers on Fremont Street in Las Vegas, Nevada
A young boy and an older man fishing on the Walker, MN city dock.
This photo was taken at the Duluth, MN Harbor. A ship is coming in ...

Georgiann Fischer's Photos on the Map

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