A pet fish buyer walks past packets of ornamental fish
Way to an Alps restaurant at Mittenwald Germany
A flat driftwood resembling a flatfish face lying on a deserted beach
A Sri Lankan dancer before her show
Discarded clogs on a bench in Amsterdam
The roots of a ficus tree capturing the sides of a moss and lichen ...
Sunlight falling on a tree trunk in an equatorial forest.
Rural Ironmonger making axe
Tribal lady buying glass bangles from a rural market.
A Sunbird sucking nector from under a flower.
Statue at a Convent in Rome
Air passengers waiting for their flight
Two dancers waiting at the wings of a stage.
Lady crossing Margaret Bridge, Budapest
Minerats of a Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey.
Himalayan fisherman taking his catch to the market.
Trapped child escaping from a dangerous Tsunami wave.
Branches and roots of a massive Banyan tree framing a lost world be...
A spot in a dense forest with lush colors
A fish seller taking his catch to the market
Mask of a protector demon at the door of a house
Lost city map and reflection
Hidden talent in rag picker children

Gb Mukherji's Photos on the Map

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