An american solider after a mission, his eyes tired and shows life
On a harsh winter morning the old tree seems to die, before to pray...
The old man lived a long and hard life, now seems to expect nothing...
Low flight over a small village to check flood
An authentic representation of II World War american Airborne troops
The beast ruling the universe - inside us
Segesvr, originally an old hungarian city, now belongs to romania
Fellow biker making his way back home
If you think about the tragedy happened in Haiti - but there is alw...
The 2 day old foal is scared from the gathering storm - and from th...
Female hands pushing down a male's sad head.
A solider's face. A hero's portrait.
Zoltan Maga, a violin virtuoso. Long exposure shot.
Traditional haka dance to encourage the fighter and scare the oppon...
My good friend - does not like to be captured...)
Keeping up the fame of the well known Easy Company (Band of Brother...
The central historical foodmarket of Budapest
The style - emo (a trend for young people)
Father proudly and caring holding up his baby boy
The musician in weddings allways take that promise seriously.
K1 warriors - introduction: a psychological warfare
There are loosers and winners. Loosers will stay, others go.
A small Hyla Arborea (little green leaf frog) peeking out from his ...
The famous hungarian kitchen attracts tourists
A cry for our Globe that is spoiled by humanity
There are people worse than parasites. The true parasite.
A traditional hungarian handicraft master, the flute maker. One of ...
The park of Castle of Sissi, Gdllő
My old friend, shattered under the years.
Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz - respect Janis Joplin.
Early spring scenery at the local fishing lake
A railwaystation beside a secondary railway
Nagybrzsny, a historical small town in Hungary
Russian girl taking care of her lover solider. A russian poster.
A small ant facing to a "huge" leaf frog in a surprised but brave m...
When you realise that all words you wanted to say are lost and gone...
Dying slowly on the freezing earth
The huungarian parliament under a chaotic sky. Just like inside.
Respect to the US Army soliders at 2nd WW, the Easy Company - Band ...
Respect the bravery and heroism of 101 Easy soliders at 2nd WW, US ...
Inspired by the bravery and heroes in Band of Brothers. US solider...
Inspired by the heroes in life & in Band of Brothers. The 101st para.
A portrait of a 2nd World War american paratrooper, the well known ...
The bird still under, the man flying above - roles exchanged.
Those night butterflies beside the road...
A respect to the album of Mike Oldfield
Allways look at the bright side of life
The hungarian house of the Parliament
An unexpected meeting between David and Goliath

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