Old women shelling beans in Chinatown, San Francisco
White cliff called Turkish Steps, Agrigento
Natural pools illuminated in Cave St Marcel, Ardche, France
In Moulmein, seagulls in the evening at sunset
In Moulmein, seagulls flying along the river as a squadron
Musician during a piece of traditional theater
Mother and daughter in a monastery, Burma
Monks in a monastery waiting to get into the dining room with their...
Monk and Novices returning to the monastery with their bowl full of...
A fisherman on Inle Lake, theses fishermen are rowing in a unique w...
Fishermen on Inle Lake, Burma
A fisherman on Inle Lake, in the morning mist
Novices studying books in the monastery of Shwe Yan Pyay, Nyaungshw...
Novices of the monastery of Shwe Yan Pyay, Nyaungshwe, Burma

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