Choir getting ready to sing in a Church in Verona, Italy.
A boat captain taking a break in the early morning hours before the...
The Police Presence on Independence Mall during Protests for Occupy...
Seagulls live on the Sea because if they lived in the bay they woul...
A hiking path in southern California.
The candles that were lit after we lost power from Hurricane Irene.
A couple of houses in Bergamo, Italy.
The work crane lifting giant slabs on concrete into the air.
The lonely leaf. It was on a crane's swivel base and the sun shined...
Awating the onrush of ticket holder on opening night.
The commute home for people going to Chesnut Hill West.
Team 486's robot on its way to 2nd place.
Changing teams at the Philadelphia regonial for US FIRST robotics.
The Phiadlephia regonial of US first robotics competetion changing ...
PA largest marching band filling the stands before a game.
The mic that will broadcast the friday night football game.
My Choir having a tour in a Cathedral.
The wheel mechanism of a desposible camera
A sensor in a church in bergamo.

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