Fishermen bringing their boats in from the night catch of the sea.
Mother and Aunt dresses up the son as a Goddess for his performance...
Children jump and play on one of the boat carrying wheels in Kuakata.
Girl with a can of color to spray in Holi, the festival of colors.
A fisherman goes over the ruins of an ancient boat towards the sea.
Girl with her sister taking kash flowers in fall.
A young larva collector goes in the sea to collect larva for the pr...
A kitchen in one of the local restaurants in Saint Martin Island.
Flow of people for ifter market in old Dhaka.
Portrait II. A side angled view of eyes and innocence.
Portrait I. A friend of mine for the fine art.
Old fisherman pulls in his net and inspects them as a storm looms o...
A typical scene in Bangladesh, woman brings in the family goats fro...
Fisherman in the sea beach of Kuakata fixing their nets.

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