Street scene with Dalmatian, Trinidad, Cuba
View through motorcycle shield, Tehran
Locals play table tennis in Pyongyang.
Couple at a flower show in central Pyongyang
Mourning the Imam Hussein during Ashura
Farmer in arid landscape in rural North Korea
Waitress during power failure in Chongjin restaurant
Children in the playground at a school in a collective farm in rura...
18-month Esher, the centre of attention and future of a self-sustai...
Cheyenne works in one of the green houses of her self-sustaining farm
Preparing a tree stump for growing shitake mushrooms on a self-sust...
Sean takes a break in the self-sustaining farm's nerve centre, the ...
Cheyenne nurses Esher, who represents the future of his parents' se...
At work and play on a self-sustaining farm, upstate New York
The family outdoors at their self-sustaining farm in upstate New York

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