Flag transfer ceremony celebrating the transfer of Alaska from Russ...
Bald Eagle carrying a herring in its talons while fly into a snow s...
The National Holiday Arirang performance in May Day Stadium in Pyon...
Chinese couple in traditional silk dress at the moat of the Forbidd...
Chinese couple in Beijing walking their dog.
Talking Ravens on the Raven door panel of the community house door.
Michio Hoshino totem pole raising in Sitka, Akaska
Tibetan family on the highway to Llasha.
A tour boat on a whale watching tour spots a whale fluke and a rain...
A "lady boy" smiles for the camera at the Alcazar show in Pattaya, ...
A snake show handler kisses a cobra in Pattaya, Thailand.
A tour boat observes a calving glacier in Glacier Bay, Alaska.
Trumpeter Swan in Sitka Sound withMt. Edgecumbevolcano in the backg...
Fog in the alpine of Harbor Mountain. Mountain Hemlock, Blueberry ...
Swedegon Paya, Yangoon, Myanmar
Taking Palm fruit out of a Oil Palm plantation
Tourists looking for wildlife on the Kinatabangan River in Borneo
Woman from Karnataka, India
Fisherman in Goa with a fish in his pocket
Western Sandpiper migration through the Copper River Delta, Alaska
Chile playing in a pedal car in front of the Bejing Zoo's aquarium.
People touring Bejing in bicycle pedicabs.
Bejing couple in silks at the Forbidden City.
Bald Eagle with herring flying into a snow storm.
Arirang Performance in Pyonyang, North Korea

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